Curriculum vitae

Profesor Invidato (Univ. Sevilla) Dr. Dr. med. dent. Winand Olivier


Higher education entrance qualification



Medical service of “German Federal Armed Forces”



Education in prosthetic dentistry in Essen


1987 – 1992

Studium of dental medicine at the University of Bonn



State examination and approbation


1993 – 1995

Assistant doctor in Voerde and Oberhausen



Authorisation as dental panel doctor (KZV NR, BKn)


1995 – 2006

Establishment of dental office with dental laboratory in Oberhausen



Dissertation and doctorate to „Doctor medicinae dentariae –

Dr. med. dent.” at the Medical Faculty of t he University of Cologne



Management and direction of “Dental Horizons – Dental educations“



Certification and qualification in “Oral and Dental Implantology“




Certification and qualification in „Comprehensive Conservative

Dentistry” (ZÄK NR)


2000 – 2003

Vice chairman of the „Commission for Quality and Registration –

Q+R“ of the „Federal Association of German Implantologists (BDIZ)


2001 – 2003

Board and speaker of the „Federal Association of European and

German Implantologists“ (BDIZ/EDI).


Certification and qualification in “Prosthetic Dentistry“



„Diploma in Aesthetic Laser Medicine – D.A.L.M.” at the University of



Certification and qualification in „Laser Therapy” (ZÄK NR)



Specialist for Laser Therapies in Dentistry” (DGL)

“Specialist for Implantology” (DGZI)

„Diplomate“ status of the „International Congress of Oral Implantologists” (ICOI)

Certification and qualification in „Esthetic Dentistry“ (ESED/ESCD)

Scientific Board of the German Society of Dental Implantology (DGZI)



Leader of the study group „Ruhrcity of the “German Society for

Dental Implantology” (DGZI)


2004 – 2006

Country chairman Germany of the “European Society of

Esthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry” (ESED/ESCD)



Board and director of continue education of the „German Society for

Dental Implantology” (DGZI)



Foundation and direction of  the „Dental Clinic at Miners Hospital

Bottrop – Centre for Esthetics, Implantology and Laser Therapy“


Qualification and certification in „Esthetic Dentistry“ (ZÄK WL)

National advisory board of the „International Society for Esthetic Medicine“ (IGÄM)


2006 – 2016

Medical consultant of the “Miners Hospital Bottrop – Academic Teaching Hospital of the University Duisburg-Essen“

2007 – 2016

Leader of the “Clinic in the Centre – CiC – Dental Clinic Bottrop”


2005 – 2008

Postgraduate studium to „Master of Science (MSc.) in implantology at the Danube University Krems


2003 – 2008

Scientific doctorate “Philosphiae Doctor – PhD.” in dental medicine ,Comenius University in Bratislava, and “Attainment of the highest postgraduate qualification in dentistry” (BZÄK, DGZMK, VHZMK)


Certification as „Specialized Clinic for Implant and Bone Augmentation Surgery“ (Oraltronics)

Reviewer of the „Consensus Conference Implantology“ (KK)



Appointment as “Visiting Professor” in the Department of Dentistry at the Medical Faculty of the University of Pécs

Official seal for continue education (ZÄK WL)

Qualification and certification in dentistry (ZÄK WL, KZV WL)



Certification of quality management of the “Dental Clinic at Miners Hospital Bottrop” according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Re-Certification “Specialist for Laser Therapies in Dentistry“ (DGL)

Re-Certification in „Oral and Dental Implantology“ (DGI, BDO, DGMKG, DGZI, BDIZ/EDI, KK)


2011 – 2013

Certification „Expert of German High Tech Medicine“

Advisory board of the network of excellence „Leading Medicine Guide Germany“

2012 – 2016

Medical consultant of the „St. Mary´s Hospital Bottrop“



Certification as „Special Centre for Dental Care in Mentally and Physically Disabled People“ (KMFG, ZÄK WL)


Official seal for continue education (DGZMK, BZÄK)

Lectureship and appointment as “Visiting Professor” at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Seville


Prolongation of qualification and certification in “Oral Implantology” (DGI)

Official seal for continue education (DGZMK, BZÄK)



Move, modernization and enlargement as “Dental Clinic Dinslaken – Centre for Esthetic Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Dental Implantology and Laser Therapy – Treatment Centre for Dental Care of People with Mental and Physical Disabilities” and “Practice Clinic for Modern and Comprehensive Dentistry at Evangelic Hospital Dinslaken” with high tech dental lab

Medical consultant of Evangelic Clinic Center Lower Rhine – Academic Teaching Hospital of University Düsseldorf (Evangelic Hospital Duisburg-North, Johanniter Hospital Oberhausen, Cardiac Center Duisburg, Evangelic Hospital Dinslaken)

Certification ”Quality management (QM) of “Dental Clinic Dinslaken” and “Practice Clinic for Modern and Comprehensive  Dentistry at Evangelic Hospital” according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Certification as „Special Center for Dental Care in Mentally and  Physically Disabled People“ (KMFG, ZÄK WL) Certification „Specialized Clinic for Implant and Bone

Augmentation Surgery“ (Oraltronics Inc.)

Official “Seal for Continue Education” (DGZMK, BZÄK)

Distinctions to “Implant Care Center” according to quality standards of Coalition for Implant Health and “Partner Dentist” for high quality treatment, dental health and prophylaxis of GoDentis (Society for Innovations in Dentistry)


Certification as “Expert for CAD/CAM based restorations and dentures” (Polyclinic for Prosthetic Dentistry Ludwig Maximilian University Munich – LMU/Teamwork Media Inc.)

“Quality Seal Praxis Plus Award” of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and honor for exemplary practice culture in moder business management, communication, social responsibility, media use, patient attention and talent management (Acert Inc.)

Official “Seal for Continue Education” (DGZMK, BZÄK)

Laureate “Praxis+Award WINNER” and distinction to “Ambassador of Excellence”/Exemplary Function of Initiative for Optimizing of Service Quality and Life Culture of Medical Practises in the DACH Countries (Acert Inc.)


Official “Seal for Continue Education” (DGZMK, BZÄK)


Official “Seal for Continue Education” (DGZMK, BZÄK)




Member of following scientific societies:

German Society for Stomatology (DGZMK)

Study Association History of Dentistry (AKGZ) of the DGZMK

German Society for Dental Implantology (DGZI)

German Society for Implantology in Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGI)

Academy Practice and Science (APW)

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)

German Society for Lasers in Dentistry (DGL)

International Society of Lasers in Dentistry (ISLD)

German Society for Lasers in Medicine (DGLM)

American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID)

European Society of Oral Laser Applications (ESOLA)

International Society for Esthetic Medicine (IGÄM)

German Society for Cosmetic Dentistry (DGKZ)

German Society für Esthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ)

Konrad-Morgenroth-Society (KMFG) for Dental Care of Mentally and Physically Disabled People

Study Association Dentistry for People with Disabilities or Special Care (AGZMB)

Academic advisory council of following journals:

Dental Implantology & Periodontology (Dentl Impl)

Laser Journal (Laser J)

Magazine for Dentistry (ZMK)